Reviews of Allegro Studios

Listen to what our customers are saying about Allegro Studios!

"After several years' break from lessons, Allegro Studios has helped me rediscover my passion for music. Before, I dreaded piano lessons because my teacher was preoccupied. Now, I look forward to building my skills with people who truly care about my interests, education, and passion in music. I feel like my lessons are an escape from the chaos of work and school. An hour each week never quite seems to be enough. I love the staff and the studio and would recommend them to anyone with an interest in starting or continuing lessons. They are truly everything I have searched for in instructors and educators."

--Erin Waugh, adult, piano and voice,

"I love piano! I think piano is cool. Thanks for a great year!"

--Lauren, 8, piano

"Piano rocks! Dear Mrs. Quint, I love piano lessons! Thank you for teaching me how to play the piano very well! P.S. I love my recital song!"

--Emily, 8, piano

"The teachers at Allegro Studios treat every student young and old as if they were professional performers. The teachers do a tremendous job with instructions and give constant encouragement keeping the classes fun for everyone. Allegro Studios has a wonderful appreciation of their students and it shows in the studentsÂ’ enthusiasm."

--Shelley Roberts, parent,