Group Instruction at Allegro:

At Allegro, our classes are formed at your request! You simply give us your interest and availability; when there are 4-6 students with similar ages, experience, and availability we form the class--just for you! Most classes can begin within 1-4 weeks of your request.

Group instruction can be a great way to get an introduction for the very young, unsure, or inexperienced student. It can also provide a social environment for sharing and enriching what developing musicians are learning in private lessons.

Guitar Classes Grades 3 & Up

Group Guitar $129

A group lesson format for guitar instruction. Very small, introductory classes of 4-6 students, Guitar Classes I, II & III are each 6-week courses that meet for 50 minutes once a week. Guitar Class can be a friendly preparation for private lessons for the tentative student.

Piano Classes

Keyboard Explorers $129 Ages 3-5

A fun introduction to piano for your little Mozart! This class meets for 45 minutes, once a week for 6 weeks. Keyboard Explorers sessions I, II, & III are available to children in play-based preparation for private lessons.

Discovering Improvisation $129 Levels: Intermediate & Up

Create new music on the spot! A 6-week, blues-based introduction to improvisation; meets for 50 minutes once a week. Available to students with approximately 3 or more years of private piano lessons (or the equivalent progress). Limit of 4 students per class.

Voice Classes

Singing Languages $129 Grades 7-12

Expand your singing options! Singing Languages is a 6-week class, meeting for 50 mintues once a week. Available to singers with approximately 1 year or more of private voice lessons. A brief overview of singing French, German, Italian, Latin, and Spanish.

Intro to Singing $129 Ages 6 & Up

Develop ensemble singing skills and have fun with other singers! Vocal Ensembles can be formed for any students of similar ages and experience levels. Ensembles meet for 6 weeks; 50 minute rehearsals once per week. A performance of selections caps each 10-week session. Minimum of 6 students per ensemble.