Private guitar lessons at Allegro

Try our fresh approach to guitar instruction that combines a strong foundation in music theory, reading music, as well as ear-training and improvisation. Guitar students will learn both melody, single-note, or "lead guitar" playing, as well as learning chords and strumming patterns, or "rhythm guitar" playing.

Students can learn favorite songs while we use structured, age-appropriate, and proven methods to help them experience success from the beginning and for continued skill development. Our full-time staff of caring, degreed music teachers will tailor lessons to each student’s learning style and needs.

Guitar lessons are available for ages 8 and older. We are happy to provide an assement lesson for the very youngest students to assure their readiness and that they have a positive first experience with music lessons.

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There is also a group lesson format for guitar instruction. Very small, introductory classes of 4-6 students, Guitar Classes I, II & III are each 8-week courses. Guitar Class can be a friendly introduction for the unsure or tentative student. Check our Classes page for more information.

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